About Us

We’re a small organisation run by 3 Women. We believe in Gender Equality and we started this initiative to empower Women and help them feel better and positive about themselves. We’ve a mission – to provide our customers with quality and unique Women Apparels and Accessories – which you can’t find anywhere else.

Here, We believe that Feminism is for everyone And, Encourage those around you to build a postive environment which is safe for each and everyone without the bias of Sexuality, Caste, Culture, Gender, Color, or Religion. And. That’s what we try to do here at Shop Feminism.

We source product from all over the world and bring them all to you in this website for the lowest possible price.
Contact us if you have any questions at – shop.feminism12@gmail.com

We will be sharing 2% percentage from every sale that happens on our store which will be directly sent to NPO / NGOs working for the betterment of Women from all over the World.

If you’ve any Queries feel free to Contact Us.

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